TomTom ecoPLUS

If you’re going to reduce the costs – both financial and environmental – of fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance, you need the insight to make smart decisions. TomTom ecoPLUS™ provides that insight.TomTom ecoPLUS™ is an easy and effective way to retrieve important vehicle data. It gives you real-time reports on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and diagnostic trouble codes. So you can take quick and decisive action.


  • See a clear overview of your fleet’s fuel consumption
  • Empower drivers to develop a more efficient driving style
  • Reduce maintenance and fuel costs by monitoring the condition of your vehicles
  • Impress customers by demonstrating your eco-friendly approach

How it works

The TomTom ecoPLUS device is small, easy to install and fits in any vehicle with an OBD-II port. Connected to a TomTom LINK vehicle tracking device, ecoPLUS™ sends comprehensive driving and vehicle data to your TomTom WEBFLEET® system.

ecoPLUS_device_openKey benefits

TomTom ecoPLUS™ provides the insights you need to run a greener, safer and
more efficient fleet.

Know where to reduce fuel consumption…and your carbon footprint.

• See all fuel-related KPIs at a glance
• Get deep insight into fuel efficiency
• Improve management of daily operations

Drive efficiency

Empower drivers to use less fuel.
• Promote a more efficient driving style
• Encourage efficiency with Active Driver Feedback and ecoStatistics
• Compare driver performance against trends with OptiDriveTM*

Healthier vehicles

Monitor and react quickly to scheduled maintenance and diagnostic warnings.
• Receive notifications when vehicles report problems
• Improve driver safety and prevent further damage to vehicles
• Schedule maintenance tasks in the most efficient way

Meet sustainability goals

Monitor and advance your sustainability strategy.

• Measure eco-driving performance
• Understand the reasons fuel is being wasted
• Develop a more efficient, greener fleet